I would like to thank

David Cardona, Acting Senior Curator, Heritage Malta – for his references to literature, answering technical questions and last but not least for the impetus to publish the work.
Lt. A Cipriott, Armed Forces of Malta – for granting access to Fort Mosta and the assistance of Warrant Officer Portelli during my visit to Fort Mosta.
John – for his patience, love of adventure as well as for motivating me with the slogan:
”Never give up.”

Rosita Camilleri – for assistance regarding cart ruts at Ix-Xagħriet ta’Fraxku.

Jean Paul Azzopardi, Journalist, Lovin Malta – for providing photos

Stephen Mifsud – for assistance regarding cart ruts at Tax-Xilep and Il-Buskett.
Victoria and Rouven – for editing the English texts.

Irene Oberleitner and Jan Bullen – for the final editing.
Richard Trinkler, my husband, who accepted my frequent trips to Malta and Gozo.
Yvonne Steinmann – for the technical support in creating this website.