Hello Malta!

Welcome to the Malta Cart Ruts page

by Monika I.Trinkler


„We live in a disenchanted world, in a world without mysteries and magic“ 

Ashley Curtis, 2017

The cart ruts on Malta and Gozo fill the viewer with wonder. We don’t know how old they are and we don’t know how they were created. There are different theories according to the research work of the scientists involved.

The following work is nothing more than an inventory of all the still existing cart ruts on Malta and Gozo. They have been ordered according to districts and areas. I received information from Heritage Malta regarding books and publications dealing with this topic. With the help of these and Google Earth™ I investigated all the sites, determined their coordinates, visited them and took photos.

The last update is ready. Up to now (December 2020), I have 717 pairs from Malta and 43 pairs from Gozo on my list.